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Transformative Coaching & Mentoring for Leaders Ready to Evolve. 

I believe every leader deserves a thinking partner who cares enough to uncover your truth.

Develop Composure

Enhance your ability to lead yourself more effectively, build trust, elevate your team's effectiveness, engage stakeholders and navigate complexity with clarity.


Refine Your Style

Leverage your qualities and strengths with awareness and action. Discover your leadership perception and how you can make powerful adjustments to shape your influence and impact. 


Lead with Impact

Develop a flexible leadership style that adapts to any situation, engages people, and unifies teams. Navigate change, solve complex problems, and foster continuous learning to keep your team adaptive and innovative.


Common Obstacles from Reactive to Proactive Leadership

Can you relate to these challenges:

  • Are you lacking the guidance and honest insights to support your effectiveness and well-being?

  • Are you feeling stretched from every angle, with demands and expectations piling up?

  • Are you navigating complex stakeholder relationships or constant changes at the top?

  • Are you finding it hard to create space to gain perspective and reflect to make better decisions?

  • Are you dealing with issues around team dynamics, ownership, and collaboration? 

  • Are you looking for ways to develop, engage and retain talent, without relying on promotions?

What sets my approach apart?

Personalised Growth: I blend coaching and mentoring with deep corporate knowledge to accelerate your progress. With a clear strategy and defined measures of success, you're on a direct path to leadership excellence.

Focused Attention and Accountability: I only work with a few selected clients each time, so you get more of my time, including extra check-ins and the flexibility to tackle urgent topics. This level of personal attention is rare and makes a big difference in achieving your goals.

Tailored Support: Every insight, resource, and critical nugget is handpicked for you, ensuring perfect alignment with your style and goals and providing precise, actionable strategies you can implement immediately.

You're just one paradigm shift away from leading with more impact. Let's craft a clear, actionable strategic plan to unlock your full capabilities. This journey is about more than reaching goals; it's about discovering more of who you are and leading yourself and others with profound clarity, aligning with your true north.   


I Get It. There is no time to take a step back. 

The problem is that most leaders get trapped in the daily grind, lost in a web of firefighting tasks. 

It's like you're always constantly on defence instead of offence. This can leave you feeling stagnated, ineffective and drained.

You want to be a leader who not only inspires but moves others towards their potential and autonomy. 

For this, you need a leadership style that's truly yours, yet adaptable enough to incorporate the diverse behaviours and strategies essential for effective leadership and stakeholder engagement.

I believe leaders committed to honing their style through honest reflection and adaptability can achieve remarkable impact with the proper support. 

With over 20 years of experience coaching and mentoring leaders like you, I've dedicated my career to giving you the strategies and insights needed for transformational leadership. I help you rise above the clutter, leading with courage and presence—so that you can enable lasting positive change


Year in Corporate Leadership Roles

Year in Leadership Development


Leaders Supported


Here's how it works

Schedule Your Call

Start with a personalised consultation that delivers immediate insights and actionable steps to support your success, regardless of our decision to collaborate.


Get a Strategic Plan

There's no 'one-size-fits-all'. We'll design a plan tailored to your strengths, challenges and growth opportunities. You'll gain actionable strategies and insights that reveal possibilities you never considered.


Lead with Composure and Impact

Be a more engaged and impactful leader with greater clarity and energy. The benefits will overflow into other areas of your life. You’ll be primed for continued growth well beyond our collaboration.


'Gudrun’s mentorship was pivotal in crafting a clear, 

strategic plan that expanded my professional horizons.'


'Gudrun helped me gain new perspectives and provided practical insights and tools that allowed me to level up my people and time management skills beyond my professional life!'

Ben, VP EMEA at Moloco

Our Services


Executive Coaching

Our 1:1 personalised programs are uniquely designed for your context, challenges, and desired transformation. You’ll gain profound clarity into your best qualities, what matters to you, what works, and what is getting in the way of reaching desired results. You will refine your skills and acquire practical strategies for elevating how you lead yourself and others with greater impact. You’ll learn how to adjust your style to engage your team and stakeholders at a new level. We use assessments to elevate self-awareness and monitor progress, ensuring alignment with expectations and satisfaction. 

If you’re ready to embark on a journey that will shift your perspectives and accelerate your growth and those you lead—this is tailored for you.

Group Coaching to Develop Emerging Leaders

For your select circle of indispensable middle managers, leaders, and key talent, we offer unique programs that combine group coaching and mentoring with personalised support. We equip your people with the how-to of leading themselves and others effectively while honing their unique style. Tailored to each unique context and goal, we craft learning journeys that pinpoint and address specific developmental needs.

With clear goals, measurements to track progress, and individually customised action plans, we ensure your top talent receives the focused attention necessary for their success and development. If you want to retain your best people—this is for you.

Stang-up Meeting

Team Coaching & Team Development

Our team development programs forge connections and encourage knowledge teams, as a whole, have never experienced in their everyday, real-world interactions. We help build a team culture where every member feels valued, taking into account individual preferences and strengths—and applying these strengths to transform groups into cohesive teams.

Using Insights Discovery and other models, we deepen self-awareness and reveal team dynamics. These tools serve as vehicles to create profound change and the commitment needed to move beyond the individual and towards the team’s success and evolution as one. If you're ready to shape a truly united team—this is for you.

'Gudrun's executive coaching and mentoring transformed my ideas into a concrete plan.'


'Gudrun's executive coaching and mentoring transformed my ideas into a concrete plan, shaped clear strategies, and expanded my professional avenues.'

Siham, Biotech Executive & Board Member

Don't navigate blindly without direction or feedback on what's working and what's not.

Together, let's elevate your effectiveness and impact. Our transformative process will reveal surprising insights, guiding you from the current state to realising your goals and potential—expanding your capabilities, energy, and opportunities.

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