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Group Coaching

Group coaching is a facilitated group process that builds on the momentum and synergy formed by a small group. The focus is on goal setting, deepening awareness and learning, creating accountability and taking action. The power of a group is collective support and accountability, collective insights and perspectives to encourage your development and expanded knowledge. 


Group coaching focuses on a specific theme and related activities and resources. Through coaching, we create space for exploration, awareness building, learning and accountability. Each group member defines and works towards relevant individual goals, related to the overall theme, whilst benefitting from the group's collective insights, wisdom, and energy. 

Group coaching is more affordable than one-to-one coaching and brings forth collective wisdom and learning within the group. It gives the opportunity to receive support as well as offering support to others and sharing of ideas within a growth mindset community. Group coaching creates clarity on what is working and what is not working, or getting in the way, creating the space for new ideas and approaches to emerge.


The program is ideal for professionals who are open minded and curious to gain new perspectives, ideas and feedback within a group coaching format.  Being part of our groups means you are willing to contribute, self-reflect and take action towards your goals. The groups are carefully designed to create a powerful dynamic within a community of growth minded individuals. 

Group Coaching Programs
Missing Piece
Career Clarity
  • Do you feel disconnected and stuck in your current job?

  • Do you feel unclear about next steps in your career path?

  • Are you currently in a career transition and looking for support and guidance?

  • Are you longing for a role that is more aligned with your personality and interests?

  • Would you like to go on a journey with a group of individuals who share your desire to drive their career development and create a sense of meaning?

Ideas inspiration concepts with rocket l
Towards Thriving
  • Are you keen to live your best life? 

  • Would you like to have more clarity on your values and what thriving means for you?

  • Is your inner critic getting in the way of your success and fulfillment?

  • Are you longing to move towards a greater alignment with your values and well-being?

  • Would you like to go on a journey with a group of individuals who share your desire to go deep and live life to the fullest?

If the answer to any of these questions is YES, sign up to receive information on the next group coaching program.

Group Coaching Programs are run several times a year. If you are interested join the waitlist above and be the first to get all the program details and an early bird discount.

The program is designed around a certain theme and includes coaching and training specific to the content theme. Number of participants is limited to five individuals and typically runs weekly for 5-weeks.

The program is designed to be flexible enough to meet the needs and goals of individuals within the group.

If you want to know more feel free to book a discovery call. 

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