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clients stories


"Gudrun has a great sense to follow clients’ needs and to respond in deep understanding and listening mode by hearing and catching exactly what is needed and what makes progress with actions to be taken. She helped me to understand myself deeper and better by going in-depth to various explorations.”

"Gudrun is a great puzzle solver and supported me effectively to disentangle my stories and differentiate between facts and interpretations. Through her strong presence, she catches the moment and is able to shift the talk into more powerful insights and discovering various beliefs that helped me to move forward. She has helped me to stand firmly with perspectives and thanks to her coaching I have created impactful steps in my career.”


"Gudrun helped me to clarify my career strategy, and better define my core competence and expertise. I found it very valuable to discuss a range of possibilities to better prepare for formal or informal interviews.”

"Gudrun was particularly adept at coaching me to match my skills with the required skills for open positions - to create more targeted and skill-based application documents.”

  - Renate, Global Commercial Lead

 - Goran, HR Executive & Business Coach


"Gudrun is an exemplary professional coach. I had insightful and energising sessions with Gudrun and was successful in getting my dream role following this. Gudrun gave me tailored feedback in a friendly, direct and supportive manner that helped me truly engage with the challenging and important interview questions.”

"Gudrun is amazing; she gets straight to the point and always provides very constructive and precise answers to questions. With her encouragement, I began to see areas where I needed improvement and what is essential for successful interviews.”

"Gudrun had insight into what the employer is looking for at every stage of the recruitment stage. I also received lots of extremely useful suggestions on structuring my answers to questions, what I should focus on and to set priorities, or general tips, this is left me feeling confident and well-prepared. Gudrun is a very experienced and knowledgeable professional.”

"I cannot recommend Gudrun highly enough and would love to work with her again one day!”

- Olga, Regulatory Development Professional


“She is a mentor/career coach in every sense of the word. She is a gifted listener with laser focus; she paid real attention to what my concerns were and has the ability to pull together nuggets from between the lines of what I told her. She usually knew better than I did what I needed and gave me excellent feedback and advice, along with tongs of morale-boosting. She was exactly what I needed. Her methods in helping me were methodical and purposeful.”


“As a result, I came away with clarity and confidence about what my next career objectives will be. Thanks to her belief and support I successfully implemented my projects and meanwhile found my dream job. I consider Gudrun a trusted advisor and I’d recommend her highly to anyone looking for new paths in their own lives.”

- Deborah, HR Global Business Partner 


"Gudrun Lind is a great coach in the field of career coaching. Combining professional qualifications with her experience in the corporate world, she has successfully helped me by listening & assessing personal situations, coaching me to define career aspirations, understand/navigate through complex options and working with me to prepare accordingly.”

"I strongly recommend Gudrun for her work in this field.”

- Antonios, PdD & Business Development Lead


- Dimitris, Marketing & Digital Leadership Expert

 " We met during a time in my life; I was facing a big career dilemma. I had several promising options, but my challenge was that they were 180 degrees in opposite directions. Gudrun played an incredible role in providing me with a sense of direction and clarity. She asked thought-provoking questions that allowed me to discover new possibilities and a different way of looking at my dilemma. By writing down key words, she helped me to visualise my thoughts and options. The results of all this for me was a life-changing answer! All of a sudden, it was so obvious what I needed to do, without a hint of doubt. She asked me the right questions, the questions that mattered most to me. And this helped me to find the answers that were true for me, revealing my true calling.


"Gudrun is very passionate for coaching and making a positive difference for her clients. She is a great listener, and an effective and clear communicator, reaching directly to the heart and the mind.  It is obvious how driven she is to develop herself to offer her best to others continuously. She remains a valuable soundboard for me as I go through life. I cherish our chats because they always result in a fresh gem for a small daily matter or a bigger step in life. I love her aura: peaceful, kind and noble as a personality, but at the same time, she inspires confidence that she can get out of you what you need.

- Client, Business Unit Manager

“I have been part of a coaching program where I had the chance to meet Gudrun. This program came right in the middle of a position transition in my case. During that period, Gudrun was an amazing coach for me.”

"She offered the perfect balance between pushing myself through self-reflection, listening and providing valuable pragmatic advice. The professional experience of Gudrun combined with her academic curricula makes her a coach I would highly recommend without hesitation.”

"Thank you again for the growth opportunity you gave me!”


"Working with Gudrun as a coach and mentor allowed me to open new doors and explore options outside of my comfort zone. She provides a rare combination of executive business coaching with in-dept psychological knowledge and creates a sense of curiosity about finding the right answers and the pathway forward.”

"Gudrun’s genuine interest in people’s growth and welfare takes her professional approach in coaching to an outstanding level. Her ability to listen and make sense of what lies between the lines is crucial and has given me a deeper understanding and great support in my journey.”

"I highly recommend Gudrun as a career coach to anyone looking for new perspectives to take their career and live on new adventures.”

 - Harpa, Executive Director

- Rosie, Working Scientist PhD & Mum

"Gudrun gave me coaching at a time in my life when I was undergoing very big life changes. As a working mum, I was accustomed to doing it all and I needed to re-evaluate my work-life balance and how to best juggle kids and a career. Gudrun allowed me to step back from the immediate issues and transition into a place where I could be fully functional and fulfilled.”

"Her professional understanding of human psychology is truly unique and sets her apart from regular coaches. She has a skill set that is based on real-life experiences and solid theory. Her ability to gently nudge people in a positive direction is crucial and inspires the best in each individual. I am personally grateful for her guidance and magnificent support.”

- Client, Agile Coach Lead

"I have worked with Gudrun for about half a year on critical topics within the field of leadership. She did an amazing job balancing coaching with mentoring – something I asked at the very beginning for. Numerous times she provided me with newer perspectives from past experiences but always expected me to come to a conclusion and make my own calls.”

"Her positive and strong presence starts at the very first moment of our sessions – “What has been your wins since we last met?” she asks, and suddenly, even when I have the most challenging problem to crack on the session, I forget it completely and appreciate how much better I’ve managed to do things since we last time met.”

"I would highly recommend working with Gudrun, especially those who are not looking for a clean coaching or mentoring experience, but are comfortable – and do not get confused by – sitting together with someone, who does an excellent job switching these two hats very consciously and very transparently.”


"Absolutely and without hesitation, can I recommend Gudrun. I was a client of Gudrun for a number of months while I was trying to get my career back on track after relocating. Her incredible coaching skills, particularly in the area of career transition, helped me refocus, re-frame and get my new circumstances working for me.”

"She is highly professional and has a great talent and instinct in coaching.”

- Jenny, Talent Management Lead

"I have been 'a coach sceptic' all my life and actively resisted any assistance from anyone who called themselves a life coach, a psychologist or some other fancy new-age title. It's been almost a year since, by some chance or coincidence, I started my regular sessions with Gudrun. And I am forever grateful that I have met her. I know there are a lot of people like me - people with some degree of aversion to coaches and psychological therapists.”

"So if you are one, you needn't worry:

I have saved you lots of time and effort and I have found the one - Gudrun.”

- Vera, Office Executive

Man Looking Through a Window

"I worked with Gudrun over several months to identify and decide on career-related opportunities and course of action. What distinguishes her from other career coaches is her extensive corporate experience and background. Thus she could bring credible insights, enabling me to explore challenges encountered as a leader from different perspectives.”

"She seized my strengths accurately and helped me clarify how I could best define new objectives based on my competence and values. Gudrun helped me to leverage transferable skills and determine which one to focus on for new professional avenues.
I came out of our sessions with a practical, concrete action plan to advance towards my priorities.”

"Above all, Gudrun is a gifted listener and created a relationship based on trust, empathy and encouragement. I recommend her highly as an executive and career coach.”

- Client, COO


- Nathalie, HRBP

“Gudrun is a true professional in Career Coaching and went above and beyond in understanding my coaching needs in order to add value to my transformation process. She is thoughtful in her approach and is capable of finding the right communication and partnering style to address and exceed the client's needs.

"Having benefitted from her experience both as a seasoned HR Professional within the Corporate Life Sciences as well as a Coach, I have witnessed her strong empathy / EQ and deep knowledge and great instincts about people (including valuing diversity).

"I have deeply enjoyed and been inspired by my interactions with Gudrun and hope our professional path will cross again. I can highly recommend her for anyone looking to make a meaningful career change.


"When I started my coaching sessions with Gudrun, my confidence levels were low and I was feeling ‘stuck’; I couldn’t work out how to progress with my new business and was starting to doubt myself and my abilities. I was also finding it harder than ever to juggle kids and home life with work and had lost my purpose and joie de vivre!”

"Gudrun changed all that. Her gentle, nurturing yet persistent, wise and straight-talking approach forced me to discover - and face - the barriers that were stopping me from moving forward and she helped me to regain my sense of self, the confidence in myself and a renewed faith in my intuition and abilities. She is an amazing listener and has this uncanny ability to dig deeper between the lines and pinpoint with precision what the real issues are. She also lifts you up by noticing your strengths, which she communicates in a way that has lasting resonance. Finally, she offers really useful, practical tips to move forward slowly or at pace.”

"I would highly recommend coaching with Gudrun; you will develop a much greater awareness of yourself and the tools you need to navigate any challenges ahead.”

 - Josie, Entrepreneur & PhD Resilience & Wellbeing Researcher


“From my discovery call with Gudrun to our first coaching session, we connected immediately. She made me feel understood and valuable, enabling me to sort things on my mind and tap deeper into my own resources. It felt great to be appreciated, supported and believed in, and that by someone, who not long ago, a stranger to me.”

"My sessions with Gudrun gave me a sharp focus on things within my control. How I create things for me and around me, the choices I have when making decisions and mistakes. Coaching with Gudrun had a big impact on my reality shift and resulted in greater clarity on my strengths, options and areas of passion. It also made me realise the importance of investing in myself and self-focus.”

"I would describe her coaching style as personal and high quality. I had her full attention, it was methodological, and I felt entirely in the hands of a professional. The session were challenging but at the same time comforting and calming, because of the safe space created. She had a wealth of ideas and resources that were invaluable for me in terms of exploring options. Whatever the topic, she had the answer or knew the source for it! Gudrun advocates for her clients and beliefs in their potential, and I highly recommend working with her.”

- Barbara,

Customer Care & Ops.


“I really was seeking to connect with my inner self in a professional context and Gudrun supported me on my journey to figure out where I want to go in my professional path next, how do I want to show up, what are the next moves for me, and to gain clarity in all of these areas. Gudrun is incredibly attentive. She gave me space to do my "speak-myself-into-understanding" and brought insights out of me by asking questions to help me get to a more place of clarity. I am a very multi-passionate person, so my mind can feel scattered but I left every session feeling more focused and having my thoughts more in order and knowing what I want to do next.”

"After ending coaching with Gudrun, I doubled my income, got a new part-time gig and was "promoted" to do double hours in my first week. I launched my first group coaching program and filled the spots in a matter of days. I have also gotten an incredible opportunity to facilitate a retreat abroad later this year, which has been a big dream of mine. I have also gotten more focused in my niche, which has helped me further the clarity and next steps. This shows that I got the clarity and courage to put myself out there and once I did, success and joy in my work has followed and dreams have started to come true.”

"Gudrun offered a space for me to find some order in a time that was filled with turmoil for me and I am forever grateful.”

- Essi Auguste, Heartfulness Coach and Multimedia Content Creator, London

clients stories


"Coaching with Gudrun helped me identify the main blocking points in my professional path, allowing me to develop a clear strategy, connecting with my ultimate goal. Gudrun was able to direct my thoughts towards the main points of inner conflict. Resolving those enabled me to experience a transformation, leave certain fears behind - and take meaningful action on my projects.”

"Gudrun is very open and a gifted listener. From the first minute, there is no judgment or critical eye on any mistakes. I felt like being in front of a mirror, which allowed me to embrace the sessions with transparency and willingness to overcome my challenges.”


"If you are a growth-seeking individual wanting to drive your career proactively, I strongly recommend working with Gudrun.”


"Initially, I thought about coaching as I was thinking about my career planning and had no clear sense of the goals I'd like to set for myself for the next years.”

"Gudrun helped to provide a space where I could look more holistically and objectively at myself. She guided me by redirecting the conversation towards re-evaluating my well-being needs by asking the right questions on how an accomplished life would look like for me and what it would take to achieve that standard.  By doing so, she offered me the opportunity to design solutions that work for my context, taking into account my personality, values and needs.”

"I'd warmly recommend Gudrun to anyone in search of a thoughtful partner who can help create awareness of oneself to set a solid base for actions and durable change.”

- Alexandra, Relationship Manager

- Dana, Director EMEA & Asia

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