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Thrive REimagined GmbH was founded by Gudrun Lind with a vision to support leaders to develop and retain their talent so they are well-prepared to manage the challenges of constant change.

In today's complex landscape, talent loss and immature team dynamics pose a severe risk, impacting performance, engagement, loss of value and well-being. Our mission is to enable Leaders to discover their growth edge and cultivate the skills necessary to lead with foresight. We partner with Leaders and Organisations to create environments where individuals and teams develop the human skills that enable them to thrive - and perform at their natural best.

At the core of our philosophy lies a fundamental truth: Thriving brings out our best. We thrive by challenging ourselves and each other to push boundaries and keep evolving. This philosophy is embodied in our tagline: Lead. Connect. Evolve.

Executive Coaching

"When Leaders thrive, entire teams and organisations follow. I'm here to fuel that growth, guiding Leaders to step into courage, unlock potential, and spark a chain of inspiration, innovation and collective value."

Meet gudrun lind

Throughout my career spanning over two decades, I've been dedicated to nurturing talent and guiding leaders and teams through the challenges of an ever-evolving landscape. This journey has sharpened my ability to empathetically comprehend the hurdles individuals, teams, and leaders encounter, enabling me to bring a unique blend of practicality and effectiveness to my coaching approach.

I offer a comprehensive understanding of organisational dynamics. I've been in your shoes, navigating the complexities from the inside and guiding others from a coaching and mentoring perspective. This uniquely holistic view allows me to offer relatable solutions tailored to your needs.


I support leaders in mastering self-leadership and leading others more effectively. I work with only a select few leaders at a time, those who are ready and willing to evolve to ensure personalised and dedicated partnerships. My approach is meticulously designed to help you retain and elevate your top talent, enabling leaders and teams to thrive in dynamic corporate environments.

As your thinking partner on this transformative journey, I will provide you with the tools and insights to adapt and thrive amidst change. Together, we will unlock your ability to confidently face challenges, positively impacting your trajectory and those you lead.

I firmly believe in the boundless potential each individual possesses. When leaders fully engage with this potential, the positive impact extends throughout their teams and broader networks. I am dedicated to assisting you in embracing the full extent of your capabilities, ensuring your thriving in any circumstance.

Gudrun Lind Executive Coaching


Gudrun Lind has an MSc in Applied Positive and Coaching Psychology from the University of East London, an International MBA, a BA in Psychology, and a Diploma in Human Resource Management.


Her robust background in program design extends to her certifications in various psychological instruments, essential in leadership and team development. These include but are not limited to Insight Discovery®, MBTI®, FIRO-B®, OPQ32®, and Hogan®, enabling her to craft tailored strategies for each unique leadership challenge. Accredited by EMCC, she adheres to their guidelines and ethical standards. She is committed to continuous learning and contributes to the professionalism of coaching and mentoring.

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